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We can help extend your digital marketing service offering to clients by providing high performing, white-label PPC services, and management that require zero need for in-house expertise. Ventura Digital currently working with design agencies, branding agencies, marketing consultants, and more, to offer their customer base industry-leading paid search expertise, without the fixed costs.

We help you win new business, setup and execute

Pitch/proposal support

Helping you win new business

Audit & benchmarking

Analysing the maturity of your clients’ current activity

Account setup & optimisation

Setting up or restructuring PPC accounts

Bid management

Campaign optimisation and bid management

Campaign management

Daily monitoring, optimisation and reporting

How does it work?

We understand your agency needs to grow but you may be stretched for time or may not currently have the expertise in house to deliver PPC. We partner with creative, development and marketing agencies to deliver PPC services to your end client. Every partnership is designed bespoke to your client needs and can be delivered through a fully white label solution including client-facing support where required.

Our process for reporting

All reports are produced with your branding and bespoke to your client deliverables, so clients won’t know we are involved in the process. Our service is built on 100% total confidentiality. Our performance marketing reports are produced aligned to the agreed metrics including cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition, media spend, quality score, impressions and other key variables.

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