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31% improvement in click-through rate and 53% increase in conversion rate leading to an 86% increase in YoY applications for the program. Cost per lead reduced by 43%


Ventura were approached by City Year UK to reach suitable young applicants to volunteer for one years of experience teaching, coaching and inspiring students across the UK, alongside the goal to reach schools in target locations ready to take on volunteers


Audience segmentation was initially implemented leading to the creation of specific target audiences which were reached across City Year UK’s priority platforms. Continous A/B testing by Ventura’s paid social experts aids the process of discovering multiple new targetable audiences for both volunteer and school application objectives


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Social media advertising management

Ventura’s paid social experts created a strategy for City Year UK, outlining key platforms and target audiences of interest. From here ad copy was created to accompany City Year’s assets across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Weekly reporting and the creation of a Google Data Studios report ensured the client was always up to date with key metrics, A/B tests and able to track the campaign’s ROI

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Tracking of application process

It was important for the client that they could monitor their number of applications. Ventura was able to set up online tracking and report on conversions, keeping City Year informed of the completion progress in order to continuously improve landing pages

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Paid search support

Our SEO team were able to help set up Google Ad Grant (for non-profits) on behalf of City Year UK, alongside running campaigns for both volunteer and school recruitment campaigns in specified locations across the UK

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