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Social Media Advertising

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach and engage audiences through organic social media alone. The most successful businesses are increasing their investments in paid social media advertising and gaining access to more qualified targeted audiences, along with in-depth analytics, and therefore increased ROI.

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Facebook accordion icon Facebook

The most popular social network in the world, a must-do for all businesses of any size.

LinkedIn accordion icon LinkedIn

Perfect for B2B demand and lead generation.

Instagram accordion icon Instagram

Visual social network delivering significant value for ecommerce businesses.

Twitter accordion icon Twitter

Important social network for technology, creative and media industries.

Pinterest accordion icon Pinterest

New powerful advertising platform for fashion, beauty and ecommerce.

We identify which social platforms your customers are using

These days, paid-for social media advertising is about more than running a Facebook ad and clicking ‘boost’. It’s crucial to create and deliver your brand story – with an engaging message and scroll-stopping creative that really gets people talking. Content must be strategically placed, so that your audience is compelled to take notice and interact. We’re well-versed in building intelligent social media strategies that do just that – basing our content, and placement, on data to bring real value to both brand and audience.

Data-driven decision making.

We all give social media channels a lot of information, by the posts we interact with and the type of people we engage with. These data sets are invaluable in our paid social strategy. We analyse the landscape for your brand, pinpoint the strongest avenues for success, and set-up your ads. You’ll get full campaign management throughout: we test and optimise consistently; we’re always evaluating and analysing; and we deliver high, measurable returns.

Increasing your return on investment.

With paid social advertising, our goals match yours: low cost and high conversions. Behind the scenes, social media algorithms and strategies are constantly shifting, so the rules behind the most effective way to advertise online keep shifting, too. Our Paid Social experts are informed of the latest developments, keeping track of trends means they stay ahead of the curve.


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