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41,000+ people reached through paid social ads in the pilot period


Saltmarsh Deli is an Essex-based e-commerce business championing local produce. Their mission is to provide the best fresh, local food and drink from within Essex to those living just miles away from where it was sourced.

Saltmarsh Deli is a new brand, launched in January of 2021. Ventura were approached to utilise paid social advertising to reach potential customers and raise brand awareness within Essex.


Following a workshop session, Ventura set out to understand the size of Saltmarsh Deli’s targetable audience. As this was a prospecting campaign, all audiences would be unfamiliar with the brand so it would be of high importance to target people who were likely to make an initial purchase and maintain loyalty to the Saltmarsh Deli brand.

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Saltmarsh Food & Drink Tiptree Gin
Brand Launch Assistance

As Saltmarsh Deli is a new brand they did not have a Facebook page or Business Manager account set up. Ventura’s Account Executives were happy to implement these processes on behalf of Saltmarsh Deli, explaining the process along the way to ensure the client’s understanding.

Saltmarsh Food & Drink Fresh Bakery
Management & Strategy

As Saltmarsh Deli was a new brand, prospecting campaigns were initially implemented across social media channels before graduating to remarketing when audiences grew. Conversion tracking and website monetisation would allow Ventura to adapt the strategy as results provided insights into consumer behaviours

Saltmarsh Food & Drink Supporting Local Producers
Creative Support

Brand values were an integral part of the message Saltmarsh Deli wanted their ads to convey, so Ventura’s creative team spent time working with Saltmarsh to ensure the message contained everything they wanted whilst being appropriate for a paid social campaign.

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