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Market Sizing Analysis

Conducting audience and market sizing is an important part of assessing a business’s commercial performance and future potential. Understanding the digital size and scope of a market is critical to informing investment decisions and accurately forecasting brand potential.

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Market Potential

Understanding the overall search and social demand for a product or service. Using expert insight to utilise search behaviour data in the process of identifying the organic and paid search opportunity, whilst utilising social media demographic and psychographic targeting data. Combined, these insights allow us to understand the total opportunity to grow brand awareness with specific target segments.

TAM (Total Addressable Market)

Specific to the digital audience, what percentage of the market potential is active on digital channels and how much of that audience is intent-driven (active search demand) and passive (targetable through non-intent search demand and other digital channels such as social media).

SAM ( Serviceable Available Market)

How much of the total addressable market can be acquired through digital channels; and how much will it cost to acquire that traffic and associated demand.

Cost Per Acquisition Modelling

Investors and startups need returns, and the early days of ownership are crucial for successfully implementing plans for driving growth and value. Our CPA modelling profits an indicative view on the cost to acquire and convert traffic to generate revenue.

Supporting Informed Business Decisions

Understanding the size and scope of a market, or audience is critical when it comes to making big investment decisions and accurately forecasting the revenue returned.

We define market size as the collective number of potential customers within a given demographic or market, taking into consideration the total sales and revenue this is likely to generate.

Utilising our rich array of data sources we deliver market projections backed by fact, and enriched with qualitative consumer insights that you will be unable to obtain anywhere else.


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