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surpassed CPA targets
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increase in daily registrations in pilot period

92% decrease in cost per registration for the women’s fitness brand

The Challenge

Her Spirit are a health and fitness app aiming to get women in the UK fitter, stronger and healthier. With funding from Sport England Lottery and features in articles from the BBC, Her Spirit are one of the only British health apps specifically for women.

Ventura were approached to reduce Her Spirit’s cost per registration and extend the reach of the app to more women throughout the UK.

Her Spirit Swimming Testimonial
“Working with Ventura has been a game changer for us. Whilst we knew alot about our target market we had a lot to learn about how to engage our audience in a congested digital space. They're super smart, friendly and have helped us understand how to drive growth at a price we can afford. We see Ventura being part of the business for a long time to come."
Holly Woodford
Co-Founder, Her Spirit


Ventura worked closely with Her Spirit founders Holly and Mel to build a digital strategy that would grow their user base at the lowest cost possible. Together, Her Spirit and Ventura developed five personas inspired by current users of the app and used this model as a foundation to build demographics and psychographics of Her Spirit users which continued to evolve throughout the campaign. Social media advertising strategies were built, managed and implemented by Ventura, alongside conversion rate optimisation to convert ‘Freemium’ users to ‘Premium’, resulting in the creation of a 30-day email automation series to nurture new Her Spirit members.


Her Spirit Fitter Holly
Social Media Advertising Management

A series of tests were planned in terms of demographic and interest-based targeting, with Ventura’s in-house social media advertising experts constantly monitoring campaigns and developing ideas for the evolution of Her Spirit’s digital strategy.

Her Spirit I Want To Be Stronger
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ventura started with social listening analysis to understand the key qualitative and tangible motivators for joining a community such as Her Spirit and then utilised the insight to create a 30-day email automation series design to nurture new sign-ups. The automation was interest and interaction triggered, meaning users received email content aligned with their interests and motivations. The results were the highest amount of paid user conversions outside of a peak event month to date.

Her Spirit Feet First February
Reporting & Development

Weekly reporting sessions with the Ventura team ensure Her Spirit stay up to date on key metrics within the campaign. These weekly sessions are also an opportunity for the Her Spirit team to ask questions about the paid social ads, allowing for the development of ideas for future campaigns.


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