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MoM revenue increase

Implementation of paid search, paid social media management and influencer outreach to increase ROI


Ventura were approached to increase D+D’s revenue from digital marketing activity, with a channel-agnostic view based on return on investment opportunities. Our influencer outreach team were approached to manage partner relationships and the paid search team manage PPC

We partnered with Ventura for almost 3 years, during which we were able to get a much more solid grip on our CPA management and data understanding. Unlike a lot of agencies, Ventura would always look to source the data required, building new models if necessary, to get a comprehensive understanding before replying to any new challenges, opportunities or queries raised. The end of month reporting was done in a far more thorough and sophisticated manner than with any agency we’ve worked with before – making it far easier to understand how we performed in the previous month and what the plans are for the following.
Archie Hewlett
CEO and Founder, Duke + Dexter


Ventura’s social media advertising experts utilised advanced segmentation and targeting using social media pixel data, to target consumers with higher disposable income that display an interest in fashion; and generate increased awareness and website traffic from this cohort. Remarketing tactics used across paid search and paid social have been implemented in order to improve conversion funnel efficiencies. 


Social Media Advertising

Paid social channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have been utilised to advertise D+D’s products to relevant audiences worldwide. A/B tests are continuously conducted, with weekly check-in calls with the D+D team to keep them updated on progress.

Paid Search

The creation and management of Google shopping ads alongside conducting keyword research for search campaigns, tailoring these to D+D’s target audiences

Influencer Relationship Management

Ventura’s team use industry tools and knowledge of the D+D brand to identify relevant influencers to begin the brand partner process. Our in-house team manage all influencer communications, ensuring all legalities and contractual terms are met


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