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50% decrease in cost-per-lead and 92% increase in click-through-rate through audience segmentation and targeted content distribution aligned to the buyers journey.


Established in 2012, Pact Coffee for Business provides your team with sustainable coffee in the office. Pact provide coffee through Direct Trade, which means they deal directly with the farmers who grow and collect the beans. Paying fairer than Fairtrade prices, Pact bring your team world class coffee to suit your budget.

Pact Coffee for Business lead generation performance was hampered by a reliance on paid search channels, which were delivered high CPCs. They were also facing a challenge with mixed results from Facebook advertising activity.

Ventura were approached with a brief to significantly reduce budget wastage and improve ROI from PPC investment.

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Following an initial client strategy and research workshop we were able to define the B2B target audience segments clearly, which was followed by social listening to identify channel behaviours and associated content marketing opportunities.

This insight provided the foundation for developing a paid media lead generation strategy involving specific content distribution tactics at various stages of the buying journey i.e. low awareness top of funnel content was education-focused, while high intent bottom of funnel content was sales-related including free coffee call-to-actions. With each tactic aligned to various targeting capabilities across both paid search and paid social.

The paid media strategy also consists of implementing a continual A/B testing methodology allowing Pact Coffee to cycle through multiple variations of headlines, image assets, video assets and call-to-actions every month, in order to find the best possible combination of assets, aligned to each target audience. This has resulted in a 50% decrease in cost-per-lead and 92% increase in click-through-rate.

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B2B Lead Generation Strategy

The wrong B2B lead generation strategy can result in low quality leads, elongated and unnecessarily complex sales processes, and wasted effort creating poor quality lead magnets (i.e. whitepapers); while experimenting and embracing new ideas can start to fill your sales pipeline, provide high-quality leads, and increase repeat revenue. The key is changing what’s not working and embracing the successes of your industry.

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Google PPC - Strategy & Campaign Management

PPC can fit in with a wider digital marketing strategy, by helping boost performance of other channels or feeding off traffic from other channels to help nurture users to a conversion. For example, we often collaborate with brand awareness campaigns by running remarketing activity from that traffic and aligning the messaging to ensure we are finding users who have shown interest in a product/service and taking them closer to a conversion.

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LinkedIn Advertising - Strategy & Campaign Management

94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to market their business in some capacity. Few platforms give you the ability to target users based on quite the level of detail and preferences that a LinkedIn ads campaign can, and with LinkedIn’s improving conversion/tracking pixel there is a whole new layer of data that can be utilised for advanced segmentation and targeting.

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Facebook Advertising - Strategy & Campaign Management

Some agencies write ad copy for Facebook. We take your customers on a journey to discover your product, love your product and then rave about your product. Custom audiences, dynamic product ads, creative A/B testing, mixed metholodogy of CBO utilisation and manual bid management are just a few tactics we implement to ensure a positive ROI from Facebook advertising investment.

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