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Providing full-service digital marketing support across organic social, paid social, SEO, PPC and email marketing.

The Challenge

Northdoor plc is a corporate IT consultancy firm that helps businesses capture, manage, protect and analyse large volumes of commercial data for strategic insights and competitive advantage.

Ventura were originally approached with a brief to support Northdoor’s social media and email marketing activity utilising their chosen marketing automation platform. In the subsequent years Ventura have taken over full-service digital marketing support including search engine optimisation, PPC advertising, organic social, social advertising and email marketing.

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“Northdoor partnered with Ventura in order to implement a more sophisticated customer-focused approach to our integrated digital marketing efforts. The team is creative, responsive, transparent and dedicated. We couldn’t be happier with Ventura and the on-going support they provide Northdoor.”
Sharon Kauffman
Head of Marketing, Northdoor PLC


Ventura conducted a full digital marketing maturity assessment which identified a number of content marketing opportunities aligned to different stages of the B2B buying journey for key customer personas. Depending on the stage of the funnel, different channel tactics are used to engage potential prospects, with top of funnel blog content distributed through organic search and organic social while bottom of funnel sales content utilises paid search (Google PPC) and paid social (LinkedIn advertising) to target prospects who display intent signals i.e. searching for a particular service or engaging with sales content on the Northdoor website.


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Digital Maturity Assessment

Ventura’s digital marketing audits help brands analyse and evaluate their website, digital strategy and performance. We analyse business objectives and assess how well your current digital marketing investments are delivering against them. By performing industry and competitor analysis, we provide a clear picture of how visible your brand is, including how it is perceived, and positioned for future digital growth.

Northdoor Social Media
Social Media Management

We understand how to optimise your social media activity to take advantage of organic algorithms. We provide all the content your networks require and send for approval before publishing. The time saving element here could well be critical to your business.

Northdoor SEO
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting you found online which is the goal at Ventura Digital. We specialise in SEO – helping clients gain visibility, leads, customers and supporters through search discoverability.

Northdoor Google Campaign Management
Google PPC Campaign Management

With Google PPC, you only target people who are looking to buy your product or service, so your budget can stay lean and effective. It’s the best way to reduce wasted marketing investment and see the ROI clearly. Only a qualified agency will be able to generate the best results for your marketing investment

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