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Our email marketing services will help you reach your customers and maintain relationships, old and new. Keeping in contact with your client base is important when considering the lifetime value of your customers, which email marketing can help increase. Thorough understanding of branding ensures that our experts can cater to your specific business needs.

Email marketing is effective in building brand loyalty and trust.

Creating diverse, eye catching email marketing campaigns

At Ventura we help our clients maintain relationships and increase conversion rates through email marketing and marketing automation campaigns. Email marketing has become much more than a block of content that ends up getting lost in the inboxes of your recipients. Even a simple welcome email can increase revenue by 320% with the right strategy, creative execution and systems.

Your up to date, modern approach to email marketing

Gone are the days of sending a blanket email to your entire contact list. In 2020 your customers are more likely to engage with personalised content, which we can help you produce. We can create, test and report back results from email marketing campaigns, developing a tailored campaign just for you.

An essential channel in any digital marketing mix, email marketing is not only fast, cheap and highly profitable, it’s also a great relationship and brand building tool. Email encourages subscribers to revisit your website and gain insights from your content regularly.

Building your email database

Helping your increase the size of your email database by integrating cross-channel lead generation tactics to support your wider email marketing strategy. Our goal is to produce impressive and measurable results through partnership. We pair our experts with your team to create smart, innovative campaigns that deliver an exceptional return on your email marketing investment.


“Ventura have been a great partner to Yocuda, providing the knowledge and expertise required to help develop and implement marketing automation across our business. Ventura comes with my high recommendations to any organisation thinking of engaging with them. “ — Andrew Carroll, CEO, Yocuda

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