Social Media Marketing Trends 2022

2022 social media marketing trends

At Ventura HQ, our team is always looking out for the latest social trends. We’ve come together to make three social media trend predictions for 2022, check them out below:

Growth of social commerce

Whilst high street stores struggle to bring in customers, social storefronts are maximising their efforts to make you part with your money. During the pandemic, we all began conducting purchases through social media, and we predict that is unlikely to change.

Social commerce moves social media beyond its traditional role of connecting people. Users have become accustomed to completing their entire transaction through a social app, making the process seamless for the customer.

The interactive nature of social commerce is more engaging than your regular online spree, enabling users to easily send links and screenshots of products to friends without flicking between apps. Furthermore, as brands invest in wearable technology, you can try on that lipstick in every colour until you find your favourite without even leaving your sofa.

As social commerce rises in popularity, all businesses should begin to use their social profiles to fulfil transactions. The ease of buying through social media apps might soon outweigh downloading apps specifically designed for e-commerce, so make sure your business makes social commerce a priority for 2022.

The rise of alternative ads

In 2021, users became more aware of the social media advertisements they are served.  It is suspected that a reason for Facebook’s decline in popularity with younger users is due to the number of advertisements on the platform, causing these audiences to turn to platforms such as TikTok. 

So how do TikTok run ads and still maintain Gen Z’s attention? By disguising in-app ads as organic posts.

In 2022 we predict that advertisers will follow in the footsteps of TikTok, masking their ads as user-generated posts. Therefore, ad creative should be a focus for businesses in 2022. We recommend taking time to research the look and feel of a platform before setting campaigns live to increase ad engagement and overall success. We would also recommend creating reactive ads that are in the style of the latest trends, this will catch the attention of users and keep your brand relevant.

Influencers are out, communities are in

As influencers are exposed by the media for dodgy stories and not following the sponsored post advertising rules (who knew that ‘#ad’ could be so difficult), brands are turning to communities to connect with customers.

This goes directly hand-in-hand with the shift outlined in point 2: as advertisers look to mask their ads, they will be distancing themselves from Powerhouse influencers. In their place, Nano (1,000-10,000) and Micro (10,001 – 25,000) influencers will be placed in the spotlight in order to build a community of brand-loyal consumers.

Therefore, a focus for your business in 2022 should be building consumer relationships. Earn the loyalty of your customers by sending exclusive discounts, running community competitions and responding promptly to queries. A quick win to maintain loyalty and spread brand awareness is to engage with posts where your brand is tagged, and ask to use these images of your products on your brand’s profiles.

Let us know if you agree with our predictions, and what you think 2022 might hold for the world of social.

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