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The University Enterprise Zone approached us to create a campaign that would promote their ‘Space To Grow’ webinar series aimed at Essex-based investors and entrepreneurs

University Enterprise Zone
Throughout the time we’ve been working with Ventura one thing that shines through is the knowledge that everyone at Ventura has and how to set up campaigns to drive the best performance. Any questions that we ever had we always got answers for, and Ventura provided support in areas beyond where we expected, including graphics for the latest campaign we did.
Josh Clarke
Business Support Coordinator, University Enterprise Zone


Our social media advertising specialists used LinkedIn’s advanced job role targeting capabilities to reach the target demographic. Due to the high CPM’s generated by LinkedIn, pixel data was utilised to retarget initial visitors that did not complete a sign up to the webinars on Facebook and Instagram.

We were also able to provide additional insights into the UEZ audience to help them tighten the targeting for their future campaigns: “Elsewhere you can see that agencies report on metrics that don’t really mean anything, but throughout the whole time it was really clear that the work we were doing with Ventura had value, and we were tracking things that actually mattered to us.” – Josh Clarke, Business Support Coordinator at UEZ.


UEZ case study 3
Social Media Advertising

Management of paid social activity across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive traffic to the webinar landing page

UEZ case study 1
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Installation and monitoring of heatmap technology and CRO tools on the UEZ site to identify key pages and buttons

UEZ case study 2
Creative Services

Ventura’s in-house creative team produced ad copy variations for all webinar campaigns to accompany assets designed to highlight the call to action


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