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Ventura has driven over 1,000 purchases and 196,000+ link clicks to The Football Coach’s website from paid social campaigns


Increase revenue from paid social marketing activity, meeting clear ROAS and CPA targets on a weekly and monthly basis whilst pushing ad spend boundaries to increase ROI

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Working with Harry and Jacob over the last 12 months has helped our business grow, we have been able to increase sales, and minimise spend. This is whilst having the stress of managing social marketing taken away. I would recommend Ventura to any business or individual.
Ben Gast
Owner & Founder, The Football Coach


The utilisation of advanced audience segmentation and targeting using social media pixel data and interest-based targeting to reach consumers with a proven interest in coaching and playing football at a significant level, alongside beginners, with tailored coaching packs. 


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Social Media Advertising

Following the initial audience segmentation, prospecting campaigns were set up to build an audience and provide insights into the target market for the client. Remarketing tactics were later implemented across paid social to improve conversion funnel efficiencies, with ad copy variations created to accompany the call to action

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The setup and installation of CRO tools, such as heat mapping technologies, across The Football Coach’s website to provide an insight into user behaviour to improve website navigation and determine where drop-offs were occurring in the purchase journey

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Consistent ad copy production for The Football Coach from our in-house copywriting team in order to A/B test different key messages, CTAs, landing pages and ad copy layout. By running frequent tests, we are able to establish which style of copy is the optimum performer across different campaigns and ad sets, so the next wave of production is built around best performing variations.


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