This Week In Social – 11th May 2020

This Week In Social 11th May

Your number one spot for the biggest social media news from the past 7 days.

We’ve put the updates from your favourite social media sites all in one place so you don’t have to. This week has been one for the streamers, with the sector growing by 45% in just one month. Stay on top of platform updates to ensure your company is using the most relevant channels to distribute their content. Collaboration is the future (according to LinkedIn, scroll down to read more) so share this blog with your colleagues to keep them up to date too!

This Week In Social is a weekly feature from Ventura, so catch up on any previous blogs you might have missed by clicking here. Shall we dive in?

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook launches new tools for SMBs in both Facebook and Instagram. The social media giant will be promoting #SupportSmallBusiness on the Facebook app to help improve the discovery of SMBs. There is also a new “in support of” tag coming for creators, showcasing SMBs to their fans in a similar way to Facebook’s existing “Paid Partnership” tags. Zuckerberg and co. are also pushing more SMBs and COVID-19 affected businesses to their “Businesses Nearby” feature and are looking to update messaging tools for business profiles, with the aim to make it easier to manage direct queries.

Over on Instagram, a new “Support Small Businesses” sticker is coming which will not only allow users to add to their personal Story, but it will also be added to a shared Story. Tagged businesses will also be able to share these Stories. Check these out on your Instagram now!


It was revealed this week that Twitter has started putting warning messages on tweets containing misleading information about the coronavirus. The new policy will apply to anyone (yes, even Trump) confirmed to be spreading information that does not adhere to information from health authorities or if the claim lacks in credibility. In their blog, Twitter has said they want to “limit the spread of potentially harmful and misleading content”.


YouTube adds two new options for TV  connected audience as viewing patterns evolve. It is no secret that people are streaming using their televisions now more than ever, so YouTube is adding 2 new options for those watching via their living rooms:
Option 1: YouTube is fast-tracking the launch of Brand Lift for YouTube on TV screens, which allows advertisers to survey users on their responses to YouTube ads on their TV sets. This is a new way for TV viewers to give feedback on ads, which goes directly to those running the ads
Option 2: Skippable ads which will likely cater to TV control devices and remotes are coming to YouTube TV, making it easier for audiences to get past ads and into their video


Sales Navigator is set to accelerate “virtual selling”. New feature “Smart Links” will allow Sales Nav users more insight into who’s viewed LinkedIn post updates, for how long they’ve read them, and when they clicked. LinkedIn’s Notes feature is also changing so you can now choose if your note is personal or public, if public your colleagues will be able to see your notes. It is thought this will apply extra context to clients and potential leads. LinkedIn have said, “In this new world of sales, collaboration is even more critical”.


This week live-streaming numbers since the lockdown started have been released. Unsurprisingly, every streaming platform has grown, but Twitch remains king. Between March and April, the live-streaming sector has grown 45% but Twitch alone has seen a 50% jump in hours watched in this period – that’s a 101% YoY increase, resulting in 1.645 billion hours watched per month! But why? The pandemic has lent a hand in raising numbers, but it also thought the influx of musicians taking to streaming concerts from Twitch have played their part too.

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