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Answer The Public

Answer the Public

The main purpose of a search optimised content campaign is to align with your audience’s search queries and also answer their questions. For long-tail keyword research, we recommend using a search listening tool such as Anwer The Public.

It is a smart consumer insight tool that combines suggested searches from Google and Bing, visualising them in a wheel, organised by interrogative words. Providing you with an overview of what questions users are asking across various devices.


“There are 3.5 billion Google searches every day, and 20% of those have never been seen before. They’re like a direct line to people’s thoughts…”

Source: internetlivestats.com


Search listening enables businesses to easily spot content gaps and niche, uncovered topics that content can be created and optimised around. Current, insightful and credible content targeting neglected keywords is any business’s fast track to position 1 search rankings.

As well as the opportunity for fast-tracked visibility, Answer The Public can be a fantastic tool to incorporate into your link-building strategy. Discover niche subjects, and uncover insight to fuel your creative content ideas that can cause a stir and earn backlinks.

Answer The Public helps you:

  • Gather audience insights and helps to identify their knowledge gaps
  • Optimise blogs and editorial content with long-tail keyword phrases
  • Answer the questions that could get your business into Google’s Featured Snippets

Platform Limitations:

  • Answer The Public does not provide search volume data, therefore you are required to use tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs to cross-reference data
  • Other keyword metrics such as CPC and keyword difficulty are not available, making the paid package expensive

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