This Week In Social – 26th February 2020

This Week In Social 26th February

Catch up on the biggest social media news from the past 14 days

This week Google alerted it’s advertising partners that political ads will be permitted on it’s platforms once again, but why might this global ban have affected the likelihood of advertisers returning to Google? Facebook have also launched Shops in the UK this month, and Twitter have released a new trends report. Phew!

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New tools for company pages have arrived on LinkedIn. A new “My Company” tab will appear on LinkedIn business pages, with “Recommended” and “Content Suggestions” features to enable companies to facilitate the sharing of posts and increase employee engagement. The new features will provide a new range of branding opportunities, utilising the reach of your employees to feature your content on more LinkedIn timelines. According to LinkedIn, users are 14 times more likely to share content from their own company’s page than other organisations – so get your co-workers sharing!


Facebook has rolled out Shops to the UK and Canada. The social network’s eCommerce push was rolled out to American users in August 2020, but as of this week users in Canada and the UK can see a new Shop tab in the Facebook mobile app. Facebook explain, “The Shop experience for consumers will feature curated collections, products and recent posts from businesses of all sizes. People will be able to see personalized content from brands within the News Feed, and through in-product notifications or small business favorites they follow.”


Twitter has published it’s new trends report. Twitter has analysed tweets from American users between December 2018 and November 2020 in order to highlight key trends on the platform. The 6 main trends in Twitter’s report are: Wellbeing, creator culture, everyday wonder, one planet, tech life, and my identity. For each of the 6 trends outlined, Twitter expands a deeper overview, including mentions trends over time and a listing of related hashtags. If you’re interested in reading the full report, click here!


Google has started to lift the ban on political ads. Following the siege of Capitol Hill in January of this year, Google placed a ban on political ads globally. Nonetheless, last week the tech giant informed its advertising partners that its platforms will resume political ad activity. However, due to the bans on ads from the two largest digital platforms for political content – Facebook and Google – advertisers have started spending their budgets elsewhere. Platforms such as Smart TV’s do the same job and they do not require the same levels of transparency, so watch this space as to which political advertisers return to Google…


New tools have arrived on YouTube’s Creator Studio. The first of the new charts in Creator Studio uses a scatter graph to map the performance of each of your videos, including more context on how a video is performing in comparison to certain time frames. The lower table listing in YouTube Creator Studio will divide videos by “Best Performing”, “Average Performance” and “Bottom Performing”, displaying the top 5 in each category. For each of the breakdowns you can note topic trends, thumbnail images and video length. Watch YouTube Creator Insider explain the new tools in full here!

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