This Week In Social – 21st September 2020

This Week In Social 21st September

Catch up on social media news from the past 7 days…

This week Facebook have launched a feature that marketers everywhere have been long awaiting: multiple page management tools all in one app. YouTube have expanded their tools for marketers this week and Pinterest is looking towards your Christmas campaigns…

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Facebook has launched Facebook Business Suite, a new app to manage Facebook, Instagram and Messenger pages. Social media marketers globally have taken a sigh of relief as, finally, Facebook have released an app that allows them to manage more than one page. To use the app, businesses must first link to their Facebook and Instagram business accounts. In Business Suite, marketers will be able to view alerts, messages and comments, alongside scheduling posts and viewing valuable insights. Facebook have stated that the new app caters for small businesses in its initial phase, as these are the company’s worst hit by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Tools for larger businesses are on their way though, and it is thought that next year Business Suite will expand to include WhatsApp.


YouTube now offers new ad tools for marketers. Even more targeting options are coming to YouTube, so instead of targeting high-level categories such as “home”, advertisers can target “home improvement” or “home and garden”. According to YouTube, “This means better access to customers with unique interests and needs-all with the brand suitability controls that are most important for your business”. The Google owned video site is also expanding it’s partnership with Nielsen to help marketers in more regions get their content in front of the right audiences, a data partnership which began in late 2019 (Nielsen contribute to the data found in Reach Planner, which allows marketers to gain a broader view of audience trends). YouTube will now provide Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings not only for US advertisers, but for those in the UK and Italy too. Click here to read more about YouTube’s new tools.


Pinterest launches new holiday hub and Christmas marketing guide. Now that the countdown to Christmas has already begun, Pinterest is keen to help marketers maximise their holiday campaign activity. The hub includes links to resources such as persona insights, reports and case studies, alongside a 13 page marketing guide which highlights usage stats. Read Pinterest’s full report here.


Facebook has announced an expansion of its Rights Manager tool. Facebook will now automatically detect image copyright violations for claimed content across Facebook and Instagram. The update will work by cross-referencing the uploaded visual content against previous uploads across the Facebook network, alerting content owners of potential violations. Facebook have stated, “We want to ensure Facebook is a safe and valuable place for creators to share their content. That’s why we built tools like Rights Manager in Creator Studio to help creators and publishers who have a large or growing catalog of content better control when, how and where their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram.”


WhatsApp to reportedly release an “expiring media” feature. The new feature will allow users to share media files which will vanish once the chat is closed, similar to Telegram’s “Disappearing Messages”. Despite the fact the feature is still under development, Expiring Media is being tested first on Andorid devices with no confirmation as to when the feature will be available for iPhone users. Would you use this feature on WhatsApp? Let us know!


This week, YouTube has also brought back human moderators. That’s right, YouTube content moderators have been brought back by Google. During the pandemic, AI and computer moderated systems did the job of Google’s moderating team, removing a total of 11.4 million videos in 3 months. However, YouTube has admitted that not all of these videos were correctly taken off the video sharing site, stating “we were going to err on the side of making sure that our users were protected”.

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