This Week In Social – 20th April 2020

This Week In Social 20th April

Stay home and stay on top of social media news!

As the world stays home all eyes are on social media platforms to update their features and adapt to the new normal. Rumours of channels testing new features have been rife this week, and huge investments have been made. But don’t worry if you’ve missed the news, we’re here to provide you with the biggest app and platform updates so you can keep your company’s content fresh, engaging your followers and possibly even earning you some new ones.

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Zuckerberg and co. have had a big week, they’ve added new “care” emoji recations to their app and Meessenger! Facebook have also published a guide to adjusting your advertising approaches during the coronavirus pandemic. Consumer habits have shifted since the start of 2020, with the demand for certain products hitting the roof, whilst luxury products no longer seem necessary. But how should marketers adapt their campaigns during lockdown? Facebook suggest simplifying your strategy, testing campaigns and considering conditions of the modern world when tracking results.


“Share Professional” stickers that enable users to promote business profiles are coming Instagram. Stickers will include a header and a three-image preview pulling thumbnails of the three most recent posts from the account, linking to that company’s profile. It is thought that the preview would be used as a promotional tool within the Instagram app, allowing users to share their favourite brands and SMB’s. Marketers, keep an eye out for “Share Professional” stickers in your accounts!


YouTube has banned “medically unsubstantiated” content to protect users against misinformation. The Google-owned video platform – which at the beginning of this month banned conspiracy theory videos linking 5G networks to COVID-19 – will remove any content which directly contradicts with advice from The World Health Organisation. In her first interview since the global outbreak of the pandemic, Chief Executive of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, also revealed that there has been a 75% increase in demand for news on the site.


The latest Mac update of the Twitter app brings timeline streaming for latest tweets. What does this actually mean? Users will be able to see all tweets that have just been published without having to manually update the timelines. After a number of third-party clients offered this feature to users, Twitter thought they might as well add it themselves. If you’re a Mac user it couldn’t be easier to get this new feature on your device: simply install the latest version of Twitter available on the Mac App Store, and then click the star icon at the top of the app. Finally you’ll need to switch on the “Pin To Top” option which enables timeline streaming. Let us know what you think of the new feature!


Snapchat’s daily active users has grown by 11 million this quarter as more people use the app during their time in lockdown. The app has also seen significant growth in it’s Indian market which has in turn increased Snapchat’s “Rest Of the World” category numbers – a huge area of opportunity for Snap Inc, particularly as a growing number of people are signing up to social media and spending more and more time engaging with content. However, the most revenue made by Snapchat remains to be from within America where 3.5x revenue is made per user.

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