This Week In Social – 19th October 2020

This Week In Social 19th October

Take a look at Instagram’s new age-gate…

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New event features come to LinkedIn. Back in May LinkedIn launched Events, a feature which allows virtual attendees to catch scheduled events which were cancelled due to the pandemic – but this week, these features have received an upgrade. Firstly, users will be able to personalise events in the My Network tab, which has already driven a rise of 40% in attendees. Additionally, whenever a new event is added by a company page, the page’s followers will receive a notification. Businesses will be able to create registration pages for their events, so they can create a database for people looking attend. Company’s will also be able to advertise their events on the platform using Single Image Ads, with their aim to “get your event in front of the right professionals and hard-to reach audiences, like executives and decision makers”. Learn more about LinkedIn’s new features here.


TikTok partners with OpenSlate to ensure brand safety in ad placements. What does this mean? Well, TikTok are ensuring brands around the placement of ads, alongside their ability to track campaigns and provide results. TikTok were forced to step up and provide advertisers with confidence following the complications brands have had previously on the platform, including the app being fully banned in India, Pakistan and Indonesia. In short, TikTok are hoping that this collaboration persuades hesitant advertisers to embrace the short form video platform and spend budget on targeting the app’s users.


Instagram has added an age-gate for branded content this week. Brands and users are gaining another level of protection as Instagram sets a minimum age requirement for branded content. This will be helpful for brands looking to promote products in regions where restrictions exist in different product categories, such a medication or alcohol. As per Instagram, “Businesses and creators can now set a minimum age for their branded content feed posts on Instagram. They can set a default minimum age or a minimum age for specific countries, or a combination of both.”


Snapchat finally lets users add music to their snaps. Music is coming to Snapchat in the form of new feature “Sounds”. Tests began back in August, and currently only a handful of tracks are available to add to posts, but in the future it is thought artists will provide Snapchat with exclusivity for certain songs. If followers like the song used in your post, they will be able to swipe up to find out more about the tune or open in it in a streaming app. Sounds is currently available to all of Snap’s iPhone users, with Android accessibility rolling out soon.


As cases rise in the UK, YouTube will start removing videos that have COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. Any videos that contradict coronavirus official information from local governments or The World Health Organisation will be removed from YouTube, following a similar announcement from Facebook. Content which suggests a vaccine will cause infertility, involve microchipping or kill people are surfacing on social media, and as a vaccine might be round the corner the correct policies need to be in place to prevent the spread of misinformation.


Instagram to crackdown on influencers who break #ad rules. A recent study found that over 75% of influencer promotions on Instagram ensure users must expand the text section of the post to see the #ad or #sponsored. In the UK, influencers are required to disclose advertising in posts, otherwise legal action can be pursued. However, Instagram is planning to tackle this issue by developing new algorithms that detect potential advertising content and by adding a prompt which would ask influencers if they’ve received incentives to promote a product in their post. So, if you run or manage influencer campaigns, it would be worth tightening your scope on the deliverable posted and including ad copy and associated hashtags in your terms of agreement.

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