This Week In Social – 19th March 2021

This Week In Social 19th March

Check out the latest announcements, new features and updates from the world of social media

Find out more about Snapchat’s resource centre for advertisers using their platform, keeping them up to date on the changes that are expected to arise as an outcome of Apple’s iOS14 update. And also find out what Instagram is doing to make their younger users safer on the network…

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Instagram adds tools to protect young users. Firstly, Instagram is restricting adults from being able to send a message to any user under the age of 18 who does not follow them. Instagram have explained, “This feature relies on our work to predict peoples’ ages using machine learning technology, and the age people give us when they sign up”. New alerts will be added to message threads to encourage young users to be cautious when having conversations with adults they are already connected to. In addition, Instagram is looking to enforce further protection of young users on accounts that have shown “suspicious” behaviour, including removing teens from “Suggested Users”, removing young users from Explore/Reels recommendations and hiding the account’s public comments.


A number of monetisation options arrive on Facebook for creators. The first of the monetisation options is on short-form videos under 1 minute long, when previously only videos 3 minutes or longer would qualify for in-stream ads. Eligibility criteria for monetisation are also changing, now creators need 600,000+ minutes viewed in the past 60 days and 5 or more active video uploads (ie. videos must not be deleted). Facebook is also boosting awareness of live-streamers by giving out free Stars in streams.


Snapchat launches iOS14 resource centre for advertisers. Ahead of the changes that will come with the iOS14 update, Snapchat have launched a resource centre for advertisers on its platform to help them navigate the expected impacts. Snapchat explains, “As you may have heard, Apple recently announced new privacy updates within the iOS 14 operating system. Apple’s recent announcement indicates these requirements won’t become mandatory until ‘early spring’, but we are here to help you understand and navigate these changes.”


To prompt more engagement between users and creators, TikTok has introduced a new Q&A feature. Users will be able to pose questions to creators in video form that can be responded to by creators in live streams on the app. There will be a dedicated button for Q&A entries which the creator van use as prompt to reply, be this in the live stream or in another dedicated video which they can link to.


Twitter is (finally) testing an undo button! For years, Twitter users have been calling for the network to add an “edit” button to tweets so they rectify typos or add new information to their published posts – well, something similar might be coming our way…The “undo” feature is still in development, but the new option would allow you to recall a tweet up to 5 seconds after it has been sent into the Twittersphere, enough time to catch silly grammatical errors.

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