This Month In Social: March 2022

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So, let’s get into it!


Snapchat users can (finally) say goodbye to the awkward usernames they’ve been stuck with for years! This long-awaited update finally came into play at the end of last month. Though, it does come with a couple of rules; firstly, you can only change this once a year and secondly, you cannot use a username that has previously been used, even by yourself. Meaning you can’t revert back if you change your mind, so don’t be too hasty! Read how to change your username here.

As a way of keeping their users safe, Snapchat has also added a new Live Location sharing feature which allows users to temporarily share their exact location with a friend or family member while on the go. This can be used while on ghost mode so only the people you trust can see where you are. Read how to use the temporary live location sharing feature here


Instagram announced that they are introducing auto-generated captions to in-feed videos, a feature that already exists in stories and reels. A big positive of this is that it makes the platform a much more accessible place for its hard-of-hearing and deaf users – as explained in their announcement post. And as a happy side note, we no longer have to annoyingly turn our sound on to watch videos while scrolling. 


Facebook has made changes to their desktop version for some users. The most notable of these changes is that all the navigation buttons have been moved to the left of the screen. While not everyone has seen this update yet, those that have seem to have mixed opinions on it. If your account has been updated, what are your thoughts on the new layout? Here’s what Mashable had to say about it. 


Twitter is stepping further into the world of eCommerce with the introduction of ‘Twitter Shops’. Merchant accounts can now display up to 50 items to their followers, which are now browseable on the Twitter app and discoverable within your timeline. We’ve seen similar features in other platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, so it seems like this is becoming the standard across social media. Read the full update here. 

Twitter have also introduced a way of prioritising your DMs so the people you actually want to chat to aren’t lost in a flood of messages. Simply swipe right on the chat and select the pin icon to stick that conversation to the top of your list, where it will stay. This can be done for up to six conversations at a time. See the announcement here.


As mentioned on our social channels, TikTok has begun to introduce 10-minute videos to its users. This is thought to be an attempt to make content on the platform more monetizable so that TikTok doesn’t meet the same fate as Vine. However, it is uncertain whether its users will be as interested in this longer form of content. Would you stop scrolling for a 10-minute long video on this platform? 

So there we have it, a round-up of changes made across social media platforms this past month. Which of these are you happiest to see? 

We’ve also seen many important updates in regards to safety online due to the ongoing war in Ukraine – you can read more about it in our article on misinformation on social media platforms here. 

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