Get Your Brand’s Social In Shape

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When did you last post on your brand’s social profiles?

Social media in 2020 is an invaluable asset which needs to be utilised to excess for success.

Whether your goal is to reach new audiences or to maintain contact with existing customers, social has the unique ability to reach a growing number of people globally. So why not make the most of it?

If anyone with an internet connection can reach your business, it is important you keep your networks in shape. An updated profile is a healthy one as it places your enterprise in the here and now, rather than 2 months ago at 2pm.

Regular posts

Set up a content schedule, what to post online and when. This keeps social networks consistent and retains your existing audience, engaging them with your brand and increasing brand loyalty. New audiences will find your brand online too, as the more active you are online the more likely the algorithms are to promote your content to organic audiences.

Contribute to popular hashtags (#MondayMotivation, #TBT), re-share content from partner brands, publish your brand’s latest blog or simply update your followers on company growth – but make sure you post at least twice a week on each of your company social profiles.

Ask Questions

Begin posts with a question or set polls revolving around your brand or national events, like pancake day. Asking audiences what they think of a new ad campaign or what they’re having for lunch is a great way to produce content with high engagement as anyone can comment, like and share. A simple click on a poll from one of your followers has likely placed your brand in front of their followers, and in turn your current and potential audiences have thought about your brand (also increasing your engagement rates…).

Asking a question is also a great way to get free feedback from your customers. If your poll shows that 72% of participants have never visited your website, your next post could link to your homepage page, or you could create a QR code leading to your site.

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Respond to comments, like brand mentions and view customer profiles. The more people that engage with your social profiles the better it is for your brand.

Comments are an invaluable asset to any company as you have a direct link between your customer and your brand in a way that has never been simpler. Comments are likely to be both positive and negative in sentiment, however it is paramount that your brand responds to negative public comments on social. This shows your brand to be self-aware, so do not hesitate in asking for order details in a DM if someone’s package didn’t arrive or ask for more specific details if a customer has a service complaint.

Try to respond to comments and brand mentions as soon as possible. An active presence on social media unites your brand and your customer. If a follower tags your brand in an image then you should engage: like the post and comment asking if they are aware of the matching skirt available on your website or if they have seen similar campaigns run by your enterprise.

Tweets with image content are 34% more likely to get retweeted than simple character tweets. Images and video are vital assets to any social network as your post will stand out in your follower’s feed. Engaging content is something that grabs the audience’s attention, so do not be afraid to be bold in your image or video selection. Always use original photography or images from royalty free sites, such as unsplash.com, to avoid copyright issues and tag people who are in the media to boost engagement.

Keep Posts Relevant

Ensure all your social media posts are relevant to your brand. For example, if you are a fashion outlet do not comment on politics as this is a fast way to lose followers or this could be mistaken as positioning your brand as something it is not.

Follow up from posts, for example if you set a set poll asking how many followers commute to work then post a “Commuter Read” blog in a couple of days time. Give your followers what they want and cater your content to your audience.

Remind yourself of your brand’s tone of voice before posting on social media. If a tweet is informal then it follows that Facebook and Instagram posts should contain the same language. Consistency is what makes brand popular on social, if you post a funny tweet that blows up ensure the same humour is used from then on. Applying to audience expectation is not a bad thing when connecting with customers on social media.

” Ensure all your social media posts are relevant to your brand “

Our final piece of advice is to place your brand in the shoes of your target market: if you were them what content would you respond best to? Never be afraid to experiment with different forms of content to find out which receives the best response.

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