ONC Natural Colours - Creative, Paid and Organic Social Strategy

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website traffic through paid social channels

Significant increase in relevant traffic to the website in the pilot period

The Challenge

ONC Natural Colours is a plant-based haircare brand, specialising in non-chemical based home colour kits.

Ventura were approached to increase relevant traffic to the ONC Natural Colours website by creating an organic social publishing schedule and implementing a paid social strategy to extend reach.


ONC Natural Colours Brunette Image
Organic Social Scheduling

Ventura created monthly organic social media schedules, producing original copy and arranging the publication of posts around national and global events. Ventura’s in-house organic social media schedule tool enabled Account Managers to ensure all content was published successfully and streams allowed the team to monitor organic social activity, ready to interact with potential customers.

ONC Natural Colours Blonde Image
Brand Creatives & Imagery

Ventura’s creative team produced a series of high-quality assets showcasing ONC Natural Colour’s products to complement both organic and paid social media posts. At least one static image asset per colour range and a video showcasing all of the product range were published across platforms.

ONC Natural Colours Black Hair Image
Paid Social Strategy

Following an in-house workshop, Ventura’s Account Managers built a paid social media strategy focussing on targeting segments within Facebook and Instagram. By targeting specific groups, Ventura were able to feedback to the client which audiences were interacting with the ads, allowing for budget to be utilised in specific directions.

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