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Building, then delivering a successful digital marketing strategy that harnesses the latest channels and marketing techniques requires a solid understanding of a brand’s current and ideal position. As such all of our projects begin with our propitiatory digital maturity assessment, which helps to identify any opportunities that exist.

Helping you provide clients with the business case to invest in digital marketing

On-demand expertise

We have a number of industry leading tools to assess the digital maturity of your business, these include social listening platforms such as Brandwatch and Pulsar, SEO tools such as SEMRush, SimilarWeb and AHrefs as well as CRO and UX tools such as Hotjar, CrazyEgg and Lucky Orange. We combine this with our proprietary digital marketing assessment framework to provide a report on your clients digital status, what’s working, where the competitors are placed and what your client needs to do to close the gap.

How does it work – between Ventura and you

Your main point of communication will be your Ventura account director. A series of calls and meetings will be required to ascertain your client needs and how the digital maturity assessment should be aligned to cater for your client’s goals. We then execute the digital maturity assessment remotely, with weekly check-ins to ensure findings are continually fed back to you and your client. The overall process takes approximately 2-4 weeks dependent on the different areas to be covered within the assessment.

How does it work – between you and your client

You’re white labelling our proven service, not an end-to-end delivery that includes communication. As your whitelabel service provider, we turn all of the cogs, advise you on report findings and give you all of the tools that you need to deliver the playback to your clients. The client relationship is handled by you. However due to the nature of the outputs, we also provide the ability to visit your client and playback technical report findings where required.



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