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We develop unique audience Insights by analysing a wide range of social data. It’s social media research that goes way beyond social listening. We interpret what people really think and feel through the comments they make, the stories they tell, the language they use, and images they share. We’ll keep it simple. Help you see what this means for your clients to show them what the opportunities are and what you could do next.

We are technology agnostic and use the best tools for your objectives


Demographics Pro




Brand analysis

People are talking about your clients on social. Understand what’s important to them. Learn more about their customers through a wide range of data points such as demographics, purchase-behavior signals, most engaged content themes, brand affinities, interest affinities, and more.

We leverage best-in-class social listening tooling to analyse behavioral signals and map key consumer engagement topics across all major social networks. This enables us to quantify overall consumer demand within a category, plus key engagement drivers for a brand and its competitors, all through the lens of where consumers are in the buying journey.

Ultimately providing you with insight to make data-driven marketing decisions for your client.

Brand Performance Tracking

Tracking changes in brand perception is vital when it comes to monitoring your clients brand health. Ventura offers ongoing or one-off analysis of your clients performance against specific KPIs and in context of other data, such as sales figures, website visits or third-party data.

Competitor Analysis

See how your clients competitors are talked about on social. Understand the implications of their activity, key tactics your clients can replicate and conduct a gap analysis to identify what your clients need to do to align with competitor strengths and take advantage of competitor weaknesses.

Learn more about the people engaging with your clients competitors, and create audiences based on people who have seen their content to create unique and effective strategies for stealing market share.

Social listening and social intelligence provide key insights into how your clients competitors are perceived across all areas of their business, from product awareness and associated sentiment towards their products, to customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Market Analysis

Compare the performance of brand and non-brand interactions in a market or across countries. To inform strategic brand and media planning, we identify and understand purchase trends, behaviourial trends and seasonality trends across consumer mindsets. We use volume of intent, click and conversion data by mindset to uncover the story around consumer behavior, across all digital channels.

Audience Insights

Build personas; develop a deep understanding of attitudes, opinions, emotions and intent.

Relevant and actionable insights and recommendations can only be developed using social listening when someone understands not just the business question – but the local culture and context of the data and conversations. We are knowledgeable about the platforms and data available globally and use social listening platforms and technology to help gather data efficiently.

Pitch Support

We offer one-off, short-term, low cost social listening insights to support your pitches. This can provide you with an advantage in competitive pitch processes by coming to the table with unique, data-driven insights to help steer your digital and content marketing strategy recommendations.

How Our Social Listening Process Works

We use in-house social listening tools to access social data and provide qualitative insights at a quantitative scale. We are experts with years of experience in utilising social listening to support consumer insight development and have delivered whitelabel social listening support to a wide range of agencies both in the UK and globally. Testimonials available on request however due to classified nature of our whitelabel relationships we are unable to make them public here.

Speak to our Director today to discuss your whitelabel requirements