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Social data and social web analytics provide the ideal medium to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Whether on TV, radio or in print, your campaign is guaranteed to provoke some form of reaction on social media. Our expert team uses the latest social data measurement platforms to monitor the tangled web of activity surrounding your campaign and can compare this data against your campaign goals.

Our social media intelligence technology can be combined with first party data to identify the successes and where there is scope for improvement. Our data pools track back decades, allowing us to retrospectively analyse past campaigns to give your upcoming campaigns the greatest possible chance of success.

Measure the impact of specific campaigns or marketing efforts

Our proven experience in generating on target returns for our clients comes from creating a perfectly balanced campaign that is both focused on sales and flexible enough to react and change to environmental factors as the campaign progresses.

Helping you plan and execute campaign activity that delivers results

Whether your marketing campaign runs for a few weeks or a year, we are able to plan out and manage it for you; from conception to implementation, ongoing management to reporting.

We utilise real-time reporting platforms such as Google Data Studios to ensure you have full visibility of all campaign metrics and our strategists provide insight to ROI, reach and effectiveness of the campaign with every pound of investment providing data to steer future marketing decisions.

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