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Our Pay Per Click training sessions are tailored to your business, your goals and your team. We will jump on a briefing call or meet for a coffee (depending on your location) as we are aware that each enterprise aspires to achieve different conversions.  Together, we can create a bespoke plan to cater to your team to ensure you are confident in how to realise your PPC goals.

You will learn how to utilise PPC aligned to your business goals, be this a specific conversion or simply to drive more traffic to your website. We can show you the key processes behind using PPC, revealing the most effective ways to keep an eye on results and develop the process behind each stage of a campaign. We are an experienced team with an ask-us-anything attitude ready to work with you.

PPC set up and development training bespoke to your specific needs. Starting from £950+ VAT

This course is ideal if you want to learn how to setup and use your own PPC campaigns to market a business or brand. It’s aimed at business owners or professionals in a digital, marketing or PR role.

This one day course will teach you how to start advertising on the world’s biggest search engines to maximise the ROI behind your PPC campagin.

Led by our strategy director and PPC expert Dan Spicer, with 12 years industry experience, we’ll help you get to grips with building a campaign tailored to your goals, understand the process behind setting up PPC campaigns, and discuss best practice around how to successfully structure and develop PPC for your enterprise.

We’ll look at how you can target and reach your audience using different keywords and phrases. You will also learn step by step how to build a successful PPC campaign for all future use.

Our PPC Campaign Standard course is available at our offices in the Innovation Centre, Colchester, at your offices or via Virtual Classroom.

Post training support

It is important to us that you successfully implement your PPC campaigns after our training sessions. So we are always available to help with any queries that you might have after the training. Just give us a call anytime – at no extra cost.

Speak to one of our Training Specialists today to discuss your training needs