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Working with Ventura Paid Social experts with over 10 years experience in PPC and social advertising you can be sure your clients will be getting the best possible service and experience.

Whether you want a full whitelabel solution or a little extra assistance to cover new business wins, staff holidays or interim support no two agencies are the same. Ventura gives you the flexibility to cover your accounts immediately for however long you need us, filling in the service gap between your client’s expectations and your resources. The client remains yours and you don’t have to let anybody down it’s that simple.

We help you win new business, setup and execute

Pitch/proposal support

Helping you win new business

Audit & benchmarking

Analysing the maturity of your clients’ current activity

Building audiences

Utilising advanced segmentation and targeting

Bid management

Campaign optimisation and bid management

Campaign management

Daily monitoring, optimisation and reporting

On-demand expertise

Expanding a business or service is always exciting. However, it can also be daunting to put new processes in place. Why not avoid the road blocks and let our social advertising experts fast track your paid social services? We offer both complete service solutions as well as ad-hoc project management.

Audits, proposals and analysis

Our comprehensive reporting systems cover account audits, new business proposals, and performance analysis enabling you to stay pro-active with your client’s paid social strategy throughout the management process.

How does it work – between Ventura and you

Your main point of communication will be your monthly review call with your Ventura account director. These calls will be structured so that you meet at a regular time each month to discuss performance, strategy and any concerns. This enables you to bring any and all questions to the table before your dedicated expert dives into specific account strategy with you.

How does it work – between you and your client

You’re white labelling our proven paid social service, not an end-to-end delivery that includes communication. As your whitelabel service provider, we turn all of the cogs, advise you on strategy and give you all of the tools that you need to deliver results for your clients. The client relationship is handled by you.


Speak to our Director today to discuss your whitelabel needs.