This Week In Social – 4th May 2020

This Week In Social 4th May

We’re poised and ready to catch you up on this week’s most important social media updates.

This week has been one for social media wins and advances in technology, with some networks adapting their users to lockdown even further. WhatsApp have advanced their mission to prevent this spread of misinformation and Instagram are pushing content from official health bodies to the top of your feed. If there’s one thing that can be said for social platforms during the pandemic it’s that they want their users to be well informed!

Look out for our This Week In Social updates every 7 days, if you missed last week’s blog check it out here. Now settle in for your social media update for this week…


Facebook has launched a chatbot that it claims to demonstrate empathy and personality. Apparently 49% of us prefer to interact with AI than another human, so Facebook have released Blender, it’s new chatbot. But how does it display empathy? AI training using Reddit posts. Whilst this is a step forward in the world of social media technology, there are 2 big issues to overcome as of yet: the complexity of actually holding a conversation and the use of Reddit to train the model, a platform which famously has a vast array of users (to put it politely). In a test using Facebook’s Blender and Google’s chatbot Meena, 67% of respondents thought Blender displayed more “human” qualities. Welcome to the future!


New “spin paint” filter has been released on Snapchat this week, with the aim to raise funds for COVID-19. Snapchat has teamed up with artist Damien Hirst for their latest filter which showcases his popular painting style. The new lens enables users to pour different colours into their masterpiece, creating different effects. Users who try the Hirst filter will be prompted to donate to Partners in Health, a supporter of public health systems in underserved communities.


Google will now link to YouTube Music when users search for albums. As you know, when you use  Google the search engine provides you with the most relevant information first, so now when you look up an album title you will be able to listen to it from Google’s search page through YouTube Music. The same goes for when you Google Search a band or artist’s name, the user will be given the opportunity to listen through YouTube Music, ahead of the option to sample their sound through YouTube itself. This integration remains inaccessible for those searching single track titles, but watch this space.


New test feature from Twitter asks users to rethink offensive replies before sending them into the Twittersphere. If rolled out globally, the feature will reduce bullying and harassment on the platform. This feature is similar to one Instagram rolled out last year where they used AI to detect offensive language. Twitter’s “rethink” feature will look for words similar to those that have been used previously in reported posts. Right now, the feature is only in a test phase for iOS users tweeting in English.


The latest report from Pinterest reveals monthly active users on the platform have increased to 367 million. With 9.55% quarter-on-quarter growth rate, Pinterest has outperformed Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Of course, the rise is mainly due current global lockdown restrictions, but it is also thought the introduction of e-commerce to Pinterest could have spiked users. Marketers, if your brand isn’t on Pinterest, now is the time to create a business profile! Get a slice of their growing user base and market your products using Pinterest’s advertising platform. New to social advertising? Click here to find out how Ventura can help your business.

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