This Month In Social: October 2021

This Month In Social Ventura
October 2021 will always be remembered as the month Facebook’s server crashed, providing the world with a few hours experience of what life would be like without The Social Network. Discover how the world reacted to Facebook’s blackout here.

However, so much more happened this month in the world of social media, so we’ve selected the highlights from the past month and placed them in one place in case you missed them.

Let’s dive in…


New creator monetisation tools announced by Snapchat. Snapchat is adding creator monetisation tools to ramp engagement in the app, maintaining pace with the rising popularity of TikTok amongst Gen Z. One of the new tools is ‘Spotlight Challenges’, a feature rewarding users who post the best videos related to a specific theme with cash prizes.

Virtual gifting options available in Snapchat are also expanding, with the choice to send digital gifts to creators. As per Snap, “When you send a Gift to a Creator, your Story Reply gets prioritized in their feed! You will be able to see when a Creator has opened your Gift, and they can reply back 1:1 or share your reply to their Public Story!”


Have you seen the new global campaign launched by Instagram? The new campaign is called ‘Yours To Make’ and highlights the benefits of community connection within the app, displaying how to find your people through shared interests or hobbies. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on the campaign!


Twitter has opened up tipping to all users. After launching an initial test of the option to tip, Twitter has expanded the monetisation push to all users. To activate tipping, simply turn the tip jar button on your profile to active. This will facilitate direct donations from people who visit your profile from the Twitter app. 

Twitter have stated, “Whether you want to tip your favorite account because you adore their commentary, send some love to an emerging comedy creator for their hilarious Tweets, help a small business owner through a difficult time, give to an important cause – whatever you want to support (and we know you already have some ideas), Tips is here to help you do it.”

Bitcoin tips have also been announced, a surprise to only those who are unfamiliar with CEO Jack Dorsey’s affinity for the cryptocurrency.


New caption options have been added to YouTube. New features in YouTube’s video captioning tools will make it easier for more channels to add caption text to their content, including an expansion of automatic captions for live streams.

Previously, automatic captions have only been available to channels with 1,000+ subscribers, but now YouTube has opened up the option to all streamers, maximising accessibility of content. Video transcripts are also becoming searchable, enabling viewers to find specific clips or content they are interested in as captioned text.


Reels has landed on Facebook in the US. Up until this month, Reels was exclusively an Instagram feature, but after gaining popularity with Gen Z (and following TikTok’s announcement that the app has reached over 1 billion active users), Facebook have decided it is time for Reels to find a new home on Facebook.

In March of this year, tests of Reels on Facebook started in India where TikTok is banned, allowing them to own this market. However, last week Reels on Facebook expanded to the US – that’s a market of over 250 million users. Facebook explains, “Reels on Facebook can consist of music, audio, effects and more. You can find them in News Feed or in Groups, and when viewing a reel on Facebook, you can easily follow the creator directly from the video, like and comment on it, or share it with friends.”

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