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Entering the Chinese market has never been easy due to the Chinese language and numerous cultural differences. In addition, the Chinese consumer behaviour and insight is difficult to capture, the unfamiliar channels of digital marketing and fierce competitors all make marketing to China a difficult process.

Identify those that influence your Chinese target audience and generate content which is optimised for impact.

Entering the Chinese market

We conduct market research utilising in-house social listening tools, to help you understand your competitors and consumer insights in the region, in order to develop a data-driven digital marketing strategy aligned to your regional business goals.

Our organic and paid media teams provide campaign management support across all major channels including Baidu PPC, 360, and Sogou PPC. We help you select the right keywords, and creativity test ad copy, to maximise ROI efficiency.

We help brands build relationships with communities through innovative and mobile-friendly experiences. Our team have experience in developing strategies and executing campaigns across WeChat, Weibo, TikTok and other mainstream Chinese social media networks.

Expanding your Chinese market

We’re also not just here to help new brands entering the Chinese market. Looking to accelerate your brand awareness and customer engagement within already established channels? Our regional experts (based both in the UK and China) provide consultancy support to ensure your digital marketing strategy is aligned to best practices.

Connecting Chinese consumers with UK and European markets

We help connect Chinese consumers with brands in the UK and Europe. We utilise our deep social listening expertise to analyse how Chinese consumers interact with Western content; and use this as the foundation of our decision-making for strategy development. Our real-time monitoring of key communities and audiences enables you to define the content strategy and messaging for your brand to maximise engagement and resonance.

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